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Our drawings are customized to your specifications. 

We can provide a drawing that will be in color or if you prefer, black and white. We also offer a 3-D view to give you more of an idea on how it will look at eye level. 

If you're building a new home, all we need is a copy of your blueprints.  If your home already exist, we can take the lot measurements and a picture of your home and design your landscape from that. Our knowledgeable staff can scan your drawings or pictures into the software so that you can actually see your existing home on the drawings.

(overhead view)
3-D View
3-D view from the top left corner of the drawing looking back to the house.
Click on drawing thumbnail to enlarge.
Overhead view
Completed Job from above drawing.
Fire Pit and patio area (on left). Raised flower bed (on right).